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Kate's story

Couple kissing their baby.

I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of the staff for helping our dream come true after five long years of struggling! All I've ever really wanted was to be a Mum and when we started to struggle and it dragged on I felt sure it would never happen. I learnt that I had low egg reserves and not many follicles had grown during our previous cycle at a different clinic.

When we came to see your team we felt like more than just a number going through the standard treatment system, we felt that treatment was tailored to our individual needs.

Well we are almost a year on from our little treasure being born now, I had a smooth, easy pregnancy, a pretty straightforward birth and we now have the most perfect little boy to love. I knew I would love being a mummy and having my own family but it's far outweighed my expectations! Thank you all so very much for your help, understanding, patience and the individual care and advice we so gratefully received from you.

Whist I realise that IVF treatment doesn't always work for everyone (and for us it was 3rd time lucky) I do hope you all feel very proud that you do such a worthwhile job that really does help dreams come true and change lives.

Thanks again.