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Why Cambridge IVF?

Cambridge IVF is not just another fertility clinic. We are an assisted conception unit, backed by some of the world's most advanced medical research and offering a unique journey for each family in our care. Whatever your situation, we are here for you.

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If you are a heterosexual couple, a same sex couple, a single woman, a single man, or transgender person, we are here for you. We will adapt to your situation and needs to ensure we offer you the most appropriate fertility treatment and fertility preservation plan for you. We are here to help you create the family of your dreams, either now or in the future.

We offer treatment funded by the NHS as well as self-funded options.  We bring you NHS excellence at an affordable price, focussing our efforts on delivering best possible results with accessibility of sensible costs.

We offer a wide range of techniques including fertility treatments, fertility preservation and andrology diagnostic services to help you in your journey to parenthood.

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At Cambridge IVF, we have the very best facilities and technologies available at your service, including 3D scanning and the Embryoscope time-lapse system.

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Putting you at the centre of our care

We offer individualised care and personalise your treatment to your specific requirements. Your care and treatment are unique to you and we will involve you every step of the way offering advice that is based on good-quality evidence, years of practical experience and our knowledge of the latest research.

We will make sure you always have time to discuss your views on how your treatment should be managed and you will be included in any decisions taken during key stages of your treatment. We will always keep in mind the little things that make life easier, such as flexible appointment times, complimentary parking and support beyond your consultation and treatment appointments.

At Cambridge IVF, we are committed to excellence and innovation.  We have state-of-the-art, forward-thinking facilities with a vast depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in all disciplines. Our close links to the research community in Cambridge mean we can bring the latest developments into clinical practice quickly and safely. We also conduct research in our facilities and in collaboration with other institutions with the aim of improving our service with the best and most advanced treatments. In these times of great change, we are continually looking at ways we can improve our services to make them more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.  By offering virtual consultations and meetings and one-stop appointment services we aim to make treatment more convenient whilst minimising our carbon footprint.  Better for you, better for us, better for the environment.

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Joint partnership with CUH

We are part of Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH), however, we are located off site to the main hospital campus. This allows us to provide a discrete, supportive and welcoming environment with state-of-the-art facilities (opens in a new tab), offering a safe and seamless experience from initial consultation, investigation, through to treatment and beyond.

To make our services more accessible for people all across the region, we run a satellite service via Ipswich Hospital (opens in a new tab).  We are able to offer diagnostic services, consultations, scans and stimulation monitoring in Ipswich, meaning you only need to travel to Cambridge for egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. We will discuss which option is the most suitable for you during your initial enquiry.

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Still not sure?

If you still have doubts, please do contact us at or on 01223 349010 to talk with us and we can answer any questions you have.  We are here to support you with making this important decision and we look forward to assisting you with creating your dream future.