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Terms and conditions

All consultation appointments must be paid for on booking and failure to cancel within two working days will result in 50% of the fee being forfeited.  Cancellation between two and three working days will result in 25% of the fee being forfeited.

All medication and treatment fees must be paid prior to starting any treatment and failure to make payment in advance will result in the treatment cycle being cancelled and a cancellation fee may be charged.  

This agreement and pricelist is current at the time of signing. However, Cambridge IVF may review and revise prices at any time without notice. 

The listed treatment fees do not cover the cost of medication which must be paid for separately. 

Treatment may be cancelled due to clinical reasons or for your own personal reasons and in these cases a refund will only be due as documented on the Cambridge IVF price list.  

Cambridge IVF will order the appropriate amount of medication for each treatment.  As dosages may be adjusted during the cycle, patients may need to purchase more medication or may have some left over. No refund will be given for unused drugs.

If a procedure takes place (eg egg collection or embryo transfer), the full fees for that treatment cycle are applicable (i.e. IVF/ICSI/FET/IUI etc), irrespective of its outcome.

Some treatment may require additional procedures (such as an SSR, HyCoSy etc) which are charged separately and are in addition to the treatment cycle and medication costs. These costs are payable prior to the additional procedure taking place.

Dependent upon clinical indication, planned treatment may be changed (eg IVF to ICSI) on the day of the procedure.  This change will alter the price of treatment (as per the pricelist) and the higher amount will be charged in advance of a treatment cycle.  If this change of treatment does not take place, the difference in price between the two treatments will be refunded onto the original payment card within five working days.

There is a fee for freezing embryos. The fee will include the first 12 months of storage, after which time the patient will need to pay an annual fee to continue the storage, at the prices current at that time. If these fees are not settled in time, Cambridge IVF reserve the right to discard frozen samples on the day the storage expires.

Treatment costs cover one follow-up consultation (should the treatment cycle be unsuccessful) within six weeks of treatment, after which time a fee will be charged at the rates current at the time. Any additional follow-up consultations will also be charged at the rates current at the time. 

Treatment costs cover two counselling sessions. Any sessions in addition to these are chargeable and payment should be made directly to the counsellor.