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Kathryn's story

Successful IUI

Pregnant woman with family
Kate with her partner and son, expecting baby Rowan.

Soon after we got married, we knew we were ready to turn our family of 3 into a family of 4. I already had a son from a previous relationship who my husband had been stepfather to for almost eight years at the time, and we were more than ready to make him a big brother.

We fell pregnant on our third month of trying, although sadly this resulted in a loss. We had two more ‘chemical’ pregnancies after this and then no luck for what felt like a lifetime after. We were absolutely devastated and couldn’t figure out why we seemed to have stopped being able to conceive altogether.

We decided to look into any issues that either of us may have and our GP referred us to Cambridge IVF for a sperm analysis. We were heartbroken to find that my husband had incredibly low morphology and motility rates and were told it was unlikely that we would successfully conceive naturally. There are no words to describe the heartbreak that comes with wishing for something so deeply and knowing you may never be able to have it.

After several months we decided we would try IUI. We opted to continue privately with Cambridge IVF. The team were incredible during our journey and were so accommodating to my ever growing list of needs (I had a LOT of questions!) We had most of our appointments at the Ipswich clinic and the nurses and our consultant were so wonderful and patient with us.

Although our first round didn’t go ahead as my cycle didn’t want to play ball that month, in January 2023 we eventually managed to go ahead with the IUI procedure. We knew our chances were pretty slim but we were so excited. We were told to take a test two weeks later so we decided we’d book a last minute holiday to Morocco to take our minds off the impending results.. 10 days post-IUI I had a feeling I should take a test, and I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw those two lines - two little pink lines that I had been hoping for for such a long time. We went to Morocco just the two of us and we spent 5 days in a whirlwind bubble of pure excitement, nerves and shock.

Couple with their new born
Kate and her partner with baby Rowan.

In September 2023, we were blessed with our beautiful baby boy, Rowan Fox. He is everything we ever dreamed of and we count our lucky stars every single day for our magical little miracle boy.

When I was going through my fertility journey, I would scroll for hours reading success stories and praying it would be me one day. So for anyone currently going through the unknowns of infertility, please know that there is hope even on the days where you feel there is none.


Baby with his big brother
Baby Rowan with his big brother.

Story shared on January 2024.