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Free information sessions

If you want to start a treatment journey with us but are unsure about the clinic, the costs and who will take care of you, attend one of our information sessions.

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You can ask personal questions in a private environment and resolve all your doubts once and for all.

You will be able to talk to our Embryologist, Fertility Nurse and Financial Manager.

Ask our Embryologist what treatment would be better for you (if you need preimplantation genetic screening and if you should consider IUI before IVF), which special services do we offer (if the Embryoscope would benefit you and if we use EmbryoGlue), how we can adapt to your personal situation (if you can have a shared parenthood cycle as a same sex couple and how to start the process to use donor sperm). You can also ask our Embryologist about your chances and our stats.

You can ask our Fertility nurse all about how medications work (what tests you need to do before and if you will need to self inject), the possible impact on your personal life (how you will feel like after egg collection and if you will be able to continue to work during the cycle) and our clinic (how long is the current wait and if we have any male doctors).

And ask our Finance manager about the costs of the different packages and additional services, what is included in the packages, when and how to pay and the refund policy.

When and where

We run Information Sessions on Tuesday evenings.

This will be done over the phone and you will have 15 minutes with each person (Embryologist, Fertility Nurse and Financial Manager).

Our sessions are for free.

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