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Multi-cycle IVF

Multi-cycle IVF includes 3 cycles of IVF and is an all-inclusive fixed price package - please see details of what is included below.


Multi-cycle Package - £10,990

Multi-cycle IVF is led by highly experienced NHS consultants. It includes three cycles of IVF treatment, medication up to pregnancy testing (except Lubion), HFEA fee, monitoring scans and blood tests during your treatment cycle, egg collection, embryo transfer, EmbryoGlue™, EmbryoScope™, blastocyst culture, 2 counselling sessions and a review consultation or early pregnancy scan at the end of your cycle.

Multi-cycle IVF is likely to be suitable for you if:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is between 18 and 35
  • Your anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) result is under 50
  • You are under 45 years old
Additional Services that may be required for the Multi-cycle package

ICSI - £1200

Vitrification (Freezing) - £650

FET - £1,995

AMH/Diagnostic Bloods - £160

Diagnostic 3D Scan - £140

Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Multi-cycle:

If a patient gets pregnant on the 1st cycle of Multi-cycle they can opt to take a refund of £2,600 to complete the cycle or bank the remaining cycles for future use.

If a patient gets pregnant on the 2nd cycle of Multi-cycle they can opt to take a refund of £1,300 to complete the cycle or bank the remaining cycle for future use.

If your treatment package is cancelled by a consultant or you decide that you no longer wish to proceed with the treatment then you will receive the same refund as above.

Refund Policy for Multi-cycle:

  • No refund for Medication
  • Cancellation before egg collection – a refund of £650 will be given.
  • Cancellation after egg collection – a refund of £200 will be given.
  • Complete failure of fertilization – a refund of £200 will be given.

If you freeze any embryos and then wish to return for a Frozen Embryo Transfer the cost of this will be £1995 (incl HFEA Fee). Any drugs with this cycle will be between £200-£400.

Refund for FET

  • No refund for medication at any stage of treatment
  • If a Frozen Embryo Transfer is cancelled before thawing there will be a charge of £150 and the balance refunded.
  • If a Frozen Embryo Transfer is cancelled after thawing there will be a charge of £250 and the balance refunded.
  • If your Natural Frozen Embryo Transfer is cancelled due to the expected day of transfer falling on a Sunday a full refund will be made.

Our success rates

Our IVF experience dates back to 1994 and we achieve excellent levels of success.

You can see information about our success rates on the HFEA website (opens in a new tab). As the regulator of the UK fertility industry, the HFEA present data in a consistent and meaningful way allowing you to compare the clinics in your region both on treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

For an individualised discussion about your chances of success following treatment please contact us, we would be very happy to provide you with additional supporting information.

You can read patient stories here.

Before we start

Before you can start your treatment you will need to have some diagnostic and screening tests. The results of these tests will enable our consultants to choose the optimum treatment pathway for you. The cost of any pre-treatment diagnostics or screening are not included in the Multicycle package.

You will need to have a diagnostic 3D scan, an AMH blood test to determine your egg reserve and diagnostic blood tests (LH, FSH, TSH, FBC and Vitamin D) to determine your hormone and vitamin levels. You will also need chlamydia screening and you and your partner if you have one will need viral screening.

Male partners will need to have a semen analysis. This test is widely available on the NHS (via your GP who will provide you with a referral form). If you are unable to access this via the NHS, we can carry this out for a cost.

You can also enquire if your GP is able to perform some or all of the blood tests for you, although it is vital that these are the same tests as we would carry out as incomplete testing can lead to delays in treatment. If you have had some or all of these tests performed recently, please email the results to us before your consultation. This will help us to avoid repeat tests and keep costs as low as possible.

When you have the results of all of the above tests, you will need an initial assessment with one of our specialist doctors who will review your case history and ensure that Multi-cycle IVF is right for you before you commit to treatment.

How the Multi-cycle IVF package works

Once we confirm Multi-cycle IVF is right for you, the next step is to have a booking consultation with one of our Fertility Nurse Specialists. There is no charge for this.

During this booking consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss with your nurse any queries you may have relating to your treatment. Your medication and how to take this will be explained to you and full training on self-injection of medication will be given.

As soon as your treatment package has been agreed and paid for, your medication will be ordered for delivery to your home on a date and time to suit you (excluding weekends).

You will need approximately three monitoring ultrasound scans prior to each egg collection.

Egg collection

The egg collection procedure takes place at Cambridge IVF and is carried out by a specialist fertility doctor. It lasts for approximately 30 minutes and is performed under conscious sedation administered by a CUH consultant anaesthetist. You should be ready to go home within two hours.

On the day of egg collection, the eggs are mixed with sperm from your partner or chosen donor in our dedicated IVF laboratory, where we will grow your embryos for up to six days. The embryos grow in special incubators and we return one or two embryo(s) to you usually five days later in an embryo transfer procedure.

In many cases more than one embryo of good quality is available for transfer and any surplus embryos (called blastocysts at this stage) can be vitrified (frozen). This freezing process is extremely successful and the pregnancy rates from frozen blastocyst transfers at Cambridge IVF are very good.

Embryo transfer

The embryo transfer will be carried out by a fertility specialist using ultrasound guidance. EmbryoGlue® is a specific culture liquid designed for the transfer of embryos during IVF treatment and is used for all of our patients having a fresh or frozen embryo transfer at no extra cost.

After your embryo transfer you will be given a personalised information sheet advising you on the next steps together with any contact information you may need. You will also be given a prescription should you wish to purchase further medication which may assist early pregnancy as this medication, post pregnancy test is not included in the Multi-cycle package.

After embryo transfer

You should carry out a urine pregnancy test 16 days after egg collection.

If the pregnancy test is positive, then you will be booked for an early pregnancy scan either at the Rosie Hospital or at Cambridge IVF and early pregnancy advice will be given.

If your pregnancy test is negative, you will be offered counselling by a dedicated counsellor and a review appointment will be arranged with a fertility specialist to discuss the next steps. There is no charge for the review appointment and two counselling sessions are included in the Multi-cycle package.

The full refund policy for Multi-cycle can be found at the top of this page.

What if I need or want more than the standard Multi-cycle IVF package?

Each cycle of your multicycle package includes everything you will need from the start of your IVF treatment cycle until your pregnancy test following your fresh embryo transfer.

We will only advocate additional procedures which are scientifically proven to make a difference, and which are safe and ethical. We also want to make these additions as affordable as possible and these are offered to multicycle patients at a discounted price.

We will ensure all of the options are clearly explained to you and that you are fully aware of the total cost of any additional procedures before you enter into any treatment with us.

We will never offer you something you don’t need, will not benefit from, or is not safe.

Contact us

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