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Microsurgical laser assisted hatching

Microsurgical assisted hatching involves making a small tear in the zona pellucida (shell) around the embryo with a laser.

research at Cambridge IVF. Researcher with microscope.

This creates a weak spot which makes it easier for the embryo inside to 'hatch' and implant in your womb. If the embryo cannot escape from the zona it will never be able to implant no matter how good it is. The procedure can either be done on day three or day five of your treatment.

However, the procedure is not beneficial for everyone. We will only offer it to you if you have a history of repeated failure of implantation. If we think it is right for you we will discuss it with you.

The procedure is safe and very quick to perform and there is no greater risk of harm to the embryo than there is at any other stage of your treatment cycle.

Microsurgical laser assisted hatching is available at Cambridge IVF to self-funded patients. If you would like more information, please contact us at or on 01223 349010.